“Another Side, another Story ” is mine favorite mystery episode. So numerous questions left unanswered still. Like is this human being at the an extremely start Roxas or Xemnas? ns still can not tell.

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Yeah, early concept of Roxas. Nomura had actually a many of ideas floating around earlier then, such together corridors the darkness having a hartless symbol show up before they form, and also Roxas gift older than Sora.

It's pretty exciting (and kinda funny) come imagine going back to a time where only KH1 was released and this was the only hint of what was to come.

I would've loved to be there and be left prefer "This is so cool... BUT WHAT DOES the MEAN?!"

Yeah. Ns was so hyped, hoping that this to be the imaginative direction the next video game was going to have. Then ns assumed it to be too cool, and also that that would perhaps be a spin off if anything. Which was basically true. ;P

The an enig endings were possible future concepts at the time. Cool ideas Nomura wanted to include in the future. This is true because that both kh1 (for kh2) and also kh2 ( for bbs)

Yes, while lock could end up being canon and often do, occasionally with changes, secret endings must be assumed come be concept work. Dunno if that's still the case with 3 or no :p

It's an alleged to be Roxas however that yellow eye could be taken as a hint of Org XIII true goal of Norting everyone.

Actually, contrary to what the various other says here, several of us think he may not it is in Roxas (not in the video clip concept in ~ least).

Roxas to be the blonde guy dual-wielding against the Neoshadows. Friend can plainly see his hair, the keyblades, and that that is wearing sneakers.

The guy in the screencap has:_ No hair covering his eyes_ black color bootsThat, add to the yellow eyes and the Heartless symbol in ~ the beginning, and also that close to the end, the display gets divided into four, mirroring them together different personalities (Yellow-eyed guy, Riku, Roxas, Xemnas).

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I have two guesses:

They were two different personalities (at least, that's what they sold us), but Nomura retconned lock at part point, making them into one personality (Roxas)

Both to be Roxas, however Nomura wanted us to think they were various characters, to later on reveal in the plot the they were not.

But after ~ all, it was a video concept. Ns remember among the developer (not Nomura) stated in one interview the a lot of the phrases presented on screen were kinda random, or through a pass out meaning, and also that they later on used lock to do it seem together if the was all planned (for example, the KH 2 secret movie "The gathering" was named like that due to the fact that they mentioned that expression in the KH1FM movie).So I shot not to check out to much into it since some things were vague to be later filled with definition xD