While the present is Anne with An E, the focus is greatly on Hazel and Sebastian’s relationship, and Ka’kwet taking care of Canada authorizing genocide. Also, Gilbert making his decision.

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Young Love: Anne, Gilbert, Marilla, Winifred, Diana

With ann realizing she loves Gilbert, so comes the question of how have the right to she contend with Winifred and also the process of do the efforts to convince herself to let things go. As soon as Marilla hears this, she isn’t having none of it and also tells anne to go over there and confess she feelings. Unfortunately, the keep in mind she leaves, since Gilbert is gone, is never ever read. And also despite Diana hearing around the proposal and also trying to say something, it appears time may not be on Anne’s next for also after all that happens exterior of Gilbert, she find herself still missing him as he end up ~ above Winifred’s doorstep.

Comment under BelowIn the books, so ns told, anne ends up v Gilbert. Does knowing that do this cat and also mouse game, the waiting, an ext difficult?

I walk What ns Knew: Sebastian, Muriel, Hazel


Hazel: You want “nice,” I wanted you to survive.

Hazel still has a good amount of trouble adjusting come this human being Sebastian finds him in. If it no the means he raises Delphine, the is him coming to be uncomfortably close, because that her, v Muriel. Someone that isn’t necessarily courting Sebastian, no one he her, however there is a particular ease they have with one another, i m sorry is make Hazel’s eyes blare.

Why? Well, since what Sebastian does, the means he lives, in she experience, leads to death. Lest we forget, that is not also 1900 yet. So Canada no this progressive haven, just south the the border, the United says is just on the cusp of beginning Jim raven laws, and also it create an immense fear in Hazel. ~ all, the factor Sebastian’s father isn’t about isn’t due to Hazel chasing that off, but because his ambitions gained him killed. He want a house, a business, so lot Black males weren’t claimed to have, dream about, or even be ~ above their method to achieving, so he was killed.

Hence why Hazel tried to smother the flame with Sebastian, so the he can survive. Yet, despite her attempts, he stayed bold, and also while that has served that well, Hazel continues to be in fear that one day, that shoe will certainly drop, and also she’ll check out her son hanging from a tree similar to his father.


Oqwatnuk (Dana Jeffrey): Please help us.

While Ka’kwet made that home, she is stolen ideal from the eight of her parents, and also Alok is shooting trying to keep her from being taken from she home. So, being that the just trustable white civilization they recognize are Anne and her people, they go to them asking for help, and Marilla has no interest obtaining involved. However, with Matthew understanding, from when Anne ran away, that feeling of potentially shedding your child, he join without a 2nd thought.

In fact, when they arrive, Matthew, usually stuttering and quiet Matthew, he speaks with his chest out, proving himself to it is in a genuine ally who is ready to gain violent so that Alok and also Oqwatnuk deserve to be rejoined with your child. But, in the end, v the lies he and also Anne space told, that the nun that works over there can’t release Ka’Kwet, they setup a return after ~ the harvest, and Anne speak of composing a letter.

However, the truth is, they understand that they can not treat white people any kind of means but the indigenous? The legislation doesn’t provide two s***s about them so they can abuse them, kill them, steal their children, and also do so through a laugh on their face. So, come work roughly the utter ignore for your humanity, Oqwatnuk and Alok camp close. Not so near the cops have actually reasons come hurt them but close sufficient that, native a window, Ka’Kwet have the right to know she isn’t abandoned.

Other significant Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

Did anyone else just realize lock recast Sebastian’s mom?


Trajectory: Upward


Giving Room For other Stories


Could this show have doubled down on Gilbert hike about, do the efforts to decision if he is making the right decision to propose to Winifred? Yes. However, as lot as the is the hook because that many, this display isn’t a one-trick pony. That isn’t developed nor survives strict on when, where, and also how Anne and Gilbert gain together.

Instead, it can have storylines like just how racist, in the many deplorable ways, the civilization was and still is. Native people, cure worse 보다 dogs, to be separated, and also their genocide may not have been rounding them up and killing them, yet instead castle took their children and also tried come indoctrinate them. You check out this v Ka’kwet, in simply a few weeks, finding out self-hatred and virtually spreading that amongst her siblings. Imagine how, ~ above the bigger scale, that affected so plenty of native children. All since of part (insert collection of expletives here) that couldn’t stand the idea of world who didn’t look, think, and also pray as they did.

And what you also have to evaluate is the we’re reminded that as soon as it comes to human being of color, when they experienced in different ways, castle still all suffered. When it involves indigenous people, they were wiped out with violence and cultural genocide. Then as soon as it concerns those like Sebastian and Hazel, they to be enslaved physically, mentally, and also those that tried come break the cycle, they to be either damaged or killed.

Now, by no means am i saying this is the same or one is worse 보다 the other, however, Anne v An E taking the time to fully show what these two societies went v at the time, it helps remind you exactly how tainted the background of so plenty of nations are.

Sebastian x Muriel

I won’t pretend ns love the idea the Sebastian and Muriel, since it does have that slight vibe of, “We have actually no idea what to carry out with this character, therefore let’s simply pair her up with someone.” But, over there is this love because that the idea of she making a friend. Particularly someone that gets she in a way either most don’t go after or refuse to. Therefore as lengthy as lock don’t sirloin things, i think if Sebastian and also Muriel end up being a romantic pairing, it deserve to be cute.

How They are Playing through This anne x Gilbert Thing


How much you desire to be Gilbert is around to phone call Winifred he can’t marry her and apologize to her parents? Doesn’t that seem prefer a script that might play out? and also while I desire Anne and Gilbert together, mostly because they can not use presented any kind of real options for Anne, I simply want this to be official and her to go mad over trying to decipher what Gilbert is and isn’t doing. If not gaining googly-eyed and experiencing the type of love she never ever thought she would have.

Which, granted, would certainly feel prefer the start of the finish for the series, but you never know.

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