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An Affair to Remember serves as the only bridal shop in Troup area

Published 5:51 afternoon Monday, January 27, 2020


She’s the queen the dresses. 

Amy Warren opened An Affair come Remember about 12 years ago and has been offer Troup County and also beyond v all point dresses for every and also any occasion. 

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Located on the edge of Lafayette Square in downtown, passersby can constantly see the recent trending bridal or event dress in the front window.  

“We started around a block under in our original location, and also then ns have remained in this place for about nine years now,” Warren said. “I to be a dentist hygienist before this for this reason I always joke the this is method more funny than clean teeth.” 

Warren experienced the need for a bridal shop not only for LaGrange however for every one of Troup county after having actually to go 4 hours far to discover her wedding dress. 

“I always joke the the dream began at the Bridal Barn in Waycross, Georgia,” Warren said. “When i was shopping, I assumed I would certainly love to do something choose this. Once I had the ability to be residence with my kids, ns was simply doing fill-in job-related with dentistry. Then ns was all set to go back to job-related it type of progressed into opened a shop, and here we are now.” 

An Affair to Remember is at this time the just bridal shop in the county. They also offer tuxedos, mommy of the bride dresses, bridesmaids and also much more. 

“Prom is likewise a really huge thing for us here,” Warren said. “I think it’s pretty distinct that we acquire to be a part of somebody’s most important day of your life.”

Warren stated it’s a large honor and responsibility to it is in that big factor in someone’s wedding work or prom night. 

“That is a big deal also when you space in high school,” Warren said. “That is a big motivator for us; if we deserve to love civilization by helping them in such an important time.” 

Every bride or customer that walks with the shop’s door has actually a various story and also wants a particular style. 

“It’s the civilization you gain to be around really,” Warren said. “It’s the experiences that you get and also everybody has something different that they space doing. You gain to be creative, and it’s together a special time.” 

Warren said now that she has had actually her shop in the neighborhood for more than a decade, it has come around full circle. 

“It’s type of neat currently to watch the girls that come in for your prom dresses, the are currently grown up and also getting married room coming back to get wedding dresses,” Warren said. 

Warren said her window is a key component and a clip of the shop. 

“Literally somebody every single day states something around the window,” Warren said. “They say, ‘I love your window. Ns come and drive by to watch what the latest dress is in the window.’ Or we will watch castle from ours side and see them allude and to speak which one they like. I have actually grandpas bring their tiny girls or your granddaughters to just to look in ~ the sparkly dresses.” 

The shop look at a many of desires come true with dresses, which additionally includes a most happy tears shed.