Here at Florida State Bullys, our dogs space our number one passion. We are a small, family-owned business in clear North main Florida. We specialization is XL American Bully format Pitbulls. Every one of our dog are retained inside of our house and also are treated favor family. Us hand-selected every solitary one of our dogs once they were born and also raised them ourselves. We have actually met virtually every solitary dam and sire to all of our dogs and also made certain his or her temperament and look were something we wanted to have in our program. Our dog love playing on our spacious property and can all be within or outside together at the exact same time, We begin socializing our dogs an extremely young, as we discover temperament to it is in a peak priority in ~ our kennel. We breed for top quality of health, temperament, color, size and also structure.

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Buying a Florida State bully is a 10+ year meeting that needs a lot of work. This dogs room smart, sweet, loving, loyal and also require a the majority of care. Castle need proper veterinary care, exercise and diet. It is imperative the our bullies room able to discover the world and also socialize with various other dogs when they walk to live v their new families. These dogs room absolutely not to be retained outside. We intend our client to take it the suitable care and keep your brand-new family member out of the elements and also under safe maintaining in the home. Outside should be for play & exercise/potty times only. Due to a shorter muzzle than various other breeds, bullies might overheat quickly and also without warning. So that is an extremely important the this breed continue to be elevated inside through the rest of the family. The American Bully is also an in-demand breed. We advice you to save a watchful eye on her dog or Bully puppy throughout play & potty times.

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While structure, health, temperament, and role are always the very first and foremost necessary considerations when breeding, us have also dogs that room amazingly beautiful. I take into consideration my dogs the total package. And also our dogs always produce puppies that fulfill or exceed every expectations of what an XL American Bully must be. We do not breed because that color, however, color is a plus for us. Ours dogs have actually conformation and also color. If you would choose to see some of our past puppies produced at Florida State Bullys, please visit our GALLERY page. If you room interested in a FSB puppy, please check out our obtainable XL BULLY PUPPIES or our present & UPCOMING BREEDINGS. Please contact us with any kind of questions friend may have actually on our puppies, breedings, or stud service.