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The previous AMC standard Lorna Ridge 10 movie theatre off Lorna roadway is slated to it is in converted right into a Hindu temple.

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" src="" title="AMC Lorna theatre layout">

Landscape plan listed by city

AMC Lorna theater layout

The previous AMC classic Lorna Ridge 10 movie theater off Lorna road is slated to it is in converted into a Hindu temple.

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Floor plan listed by city of H

Hindu temple floor plan

This is the floor arrangement for a Hindu holy place proposed at the former site of the AMC classic Lorna Ridge 10 movie theater on Lorna Ridge Drive and Lorna Ridge roadway in Hoover, Alabama. The key worship area, seating up to 400, is at the right. The site likewise would encompass at least 14 classrooms, a kitchen, dining area, lobby, pat areas, prayer hall and priest"s room with 3 adjoining bedrooms.

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This map reflects a 23-acre thoreau outlined in red that is suggest to be a new 44-house subdivision turn off Savoy Street in the Bluff Park community in Hoover, Alabama. The landowner is seeking to have actually the two green areas inside the red lines rezoned from farming uses. The environment-friendly area in ~ the top is proposed as an R-1 residential district, requiring several at the very least 15,000 square feet, and the green area top top the ideal side the the development is proposed together an E-2 heritage district, requiring numerous at the very least 20,000 square feet. The map additionally shows other locations zoned R-1 in white, other locations zoned agricultural in green and other locations zoned E-2 in pink.


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Signature houses is questioning the city the Hoover to rezone 53 acres in the love of map Crossings come accommodate alters in plans for a commercial and also residential area alongside Hoover city Stadium.

" src="" title="AMC Lorna Ridge">
" src="" title="AMC Lorna theatre layout">

The Hoover City council on Monday night approved plans for a new Hindu temple at the previous AMC discount movie theater on Lorna Road, as well as revised zoning to plan for new subdivisions in Bluff Park and also Trace Crossings.

A Hindu congregation in Roebuck to plan to transform the 38,000-square-foot AMC classic Lorna Ridge 10 movie theater into a temple. Plans common with the city present a praise area for up to 400 people, at the very least 14 classrooms, a kitchen, dining area, 2 play areas, lobby, prayer hall and a priest’s room with 3 bedrooms attached.

The Hindu congregation has actually services ~ above Sundays and typically has actually 250 come 300 human being at every service, stated Richard Deaver, an lawyer who represented the congregation.

The congregation has remained in the Birmingham area since 1980 and is part of a religious organization that has actually been around since 1907, Deaver said. There are 91 comparable Hindu temples throughout the joined States, that said.

Hoover Councilman Casey Middlebrooks claimed he would certainly be glad to watch the now-vacant building renovated and also put to hopeful use. Many other council members concurred.

“This is a an excellent organization,” Councilman Mike demonstrate said. “We must all be happy to have actually them in Hoover.”

The council voted 6-1 to grant the usage of the facility together a temple. Councilman man Greene was the only dissenter, speak after the meeting only that “the holy Spirit said me to carry out it (vote no).”


The council additionally voted 6-1 to rezone 7.6 acres of the old blacksmith farm property in Bluff Park come accommodate plans for a brand-new subdivision through 44 houses.

Developer Lance Kitchens inquiry the council come rezone 5.7 acre from an agricultural district come an R-1 single-family residential ar with numerous at the very least 15,000 square feet and also rezone 1.9 acre on the east side of the home from an agricultural district to an E-2 estate ar with lots of at the very least 20,000 square feet.

Land automatically to the north, west and also south already is zoned R-1, and land to the eastern is zoned E-2.

Kitchens owns a total of around 26 acres in the vicinity, and the new subdivision would take up many of that property. The new subdivision is basically the very same one the City council rejected unanimously in March, just with three fewer houses.

Charlie Beavers, an attorney representing Kitchens, claimed Kitchens, through the existing zoning top top the residential property he owns, can fit 43 new houses there.

But the rezoning setup approved Monday night will permit him to build a subdivision with much more consistency in lot of sizes and will enable him to keep an existing home on a 2.5-acre parcel quite than tearing that home down.

Kitchens also agreed to tree evergreen trees between his home and adjacent homes on Savoy Street and Bonnie Brook Drive.

Several people who live close to the residential or commercial property in question voiced opposition come the plans as presented. Glenn Ellis claimed he want all the too many to be at least 1 acre in size and said he doesn’t think the Hoover institution system deserve to handle much more children.

Several residents said castle are concerned the roads in the area can not handle extr traffic, however a traffic study conducted by a website traffic engineer because that Kitchens indicated the affect on area roads would it is in minimal, and City Engineer kris Reeves has concurred through that analysis.

The council vote 6-1 in favor of Kitchens’ rezoning request, with Councilman Casey Middlebrooks casting the lone no vote.

Middlebrooks stated after the conference he wasn’t persuaded that Kitchens’ rezoning setup was much better than the current zoning top top the property. He claimed he didn’t think Kitchens can get 43 residences with the existing zoning, assumed there was an unresolved worry concerning appropriate of way leading to the property and was concerned about the affect on Bluff Park Elementary.


In trace Crossings, the council approved Signature Homes’ inquiry to review plans for a brand-new 53-acre “Village Center” across Stadium trace Parkway from Hoover urban Stadium.

The Hoover City the supervisory board in June 2017 rezoned the land for “planned commercial” use, however with provisions that allow for approximately 74 residential units blended in with commercial development.

Signature residences President Jonathan Belcher said his agency is purchase the building from U.S. Steel and also wants to separate the commercial area native the residential area and increase the number of homes top top this certain tract indigenous 74 come 118.

The extra 44 homes will be traction from a city house community that U.S. Steel once had planned for an undeveloped area across from the Creekside sector off Brock’s space Parkway, Belcher said.

He thinks it’s much better to move those residences off Brock’s space Parkway and put them turn off Stadium trace Parkway instead, that said.

It likely will be a year before the homes start hitting the market, Belcher said. The houses will have two or three bedrooms, and also the too many will range from 37 feet vast to 80 feet wide, documents show. Prices have to start in the low-to-mid $300,000s, yet some of the dwellings likely will be priced in the $400,000s or an ext than $500,000, that said.

Some inhabitants of Signature Homes’ Abingdon subdivision next to the village Center formerly expressed concern about drivers using the town Center and Abingdon together a cut-through to Bumpus middle School, therefore Belcher agreed that an access road to Brock’s gap Parkway would certainly be just for emergency vehicles via a gate.

The village Center residential ar will have a clubhouse and central park, but Belcher removed plans because that a swimming pool due due to the fact that residents in the Chestnut Ridge neighborhood were concerned around noise.

Belcher claimed Signature residences will preserve the already agreed ~ above buffer between the village Center and also Chestnut Ridge, and restrictions because that the types of businesses that would certainly be allowed.

Prohibited businesses incorporate freestanding fast-food restaurants, auto dealerships, building material sales, domestic equipment rental, car wash or automotive services, and also a hospital (though a freestanding emergency department will be allowed). Also, nothing an ext than four stories will certainly be allowed. Belcher claimed he envisions the commercial sector looking comparable to the commercial sector in Ross Bridge.

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The council’s vote to give the amended arrangement for the town Center was unanimous.

In other organization Monday, the City Council:

Approved an amendment to the city’s zoning ordinance to permit brewpubs and breweries to locate in ar business, basic business, plan commercial, light industrial and also planned urban advancement districts. Rezoned nature at 389 Park Ave., 2201 Pioneer Drive and 2108 Chapel roadway from one E-2 single-family estate district to the new legacy single-family residential district and property at 435 Park Ave. Indigenous an R-1 single-family residential ar to the tradition single-family residential district. City Planner Mac Martin stated the new district allows more flexibility in points such as setbacks, so human being can add unenclosed prior porches onto your houses. Agreed to salary $46,577 to vacation Lights and also Design for holiday decorating services. Authorized the market to fill task vacancies for four fire medics, 3 police officers, a risk monitoring supervisor and an administrative services specialist because that the Fire Department.