Delivered through Dad: Woman offers Birth To infant Girl on The Sprain Brook ParkwayA newborn baby was ceded on the Sprain Brook Parkway, and also on Friday, a mother and also father to be sharing your Thanksgiving story.

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Demanding Answers: drivers Stuck For hours After Crash, HazMat pour out On Sprain Brook ParkwayMotorists to be stranded for hrs after a crash top top the Sprain Brook Parkway with some cars turning around come escape the gridlock.

Chemical spill Leaves vehicle drivers Stranded For hrs On Sprain Brook ParkwayDrivers sat in the dark and in the warmth for roughly four hours as workers scrambled come clean increase the mess.

Driver Gets prison In Wrong-Way Crash That eliminated NYPD DetectiveActing Westchester County ar Attorney James A. McCarty says Efren Moreano the Yonkers to be sentenced Wednesday in the February 2015 death of Detective Paul Duncan.

Alleged Drunken Wrong-Way Driver fee In Crash That eliminated NYPD DetectiveAn alleged wrong-way driver accused of resulting in a crash that killed an off-duty NYPD police detective had a blood alcohol content over the legal border at the time of the incident, authorities claimed Monday.

Funeral hosted For NYPD Detective eliminated In Wrong-Way Crash on Sprain Brook ParkwayFuneral solutions were organized Wednesday because that an off-duty NYPD detective killed on his way to occupational in a wrong-way crash top top the Sprain Brook Parkway.
Off-Duty NYPD Detective eliminated In Wrong-Way Crash top top Sprain Brook ParkwayPolice said a Honda public was travel northbound in the southbound lanes of the parkway when it hit a Honda Pilot head-on, killing 46-year-old Paul Duncan of Hartsdale.
Yonkers male Sentenced 2 to 6 Years because that Fatal Asphalt TossWestchester County district Attorney Janet DiFiore said Alberto Plasencia, 28, was sentenced Tuesday. That pleaded guilty to manslaughter in June.
Four Dead In Single-Car Crash top top Sprain Brook Parkway In GreenburghA single-car crash left four world dead at an early stage Sunday in the Westchester county municipality that Greenburgh.
Suburban 'Police impersonator Rabbi' fee In fourth Alleged roadway Rage IncidentRabbi Alfredo Borodowski, 49, that White Plains has been charged with criminal impersonation because that an incident from might on the Sprain Brook Parkway.
Yonkers male Pleads not Guilty In 2004 Sprain Parkway Overpass Asphalt TossAlberto Plasencia, 27, of Yonkers is charged through murder in the 2nd degree in link with the April 24, 2004, fatality of Maria McSweeney.
Yonkers Man deals with Murder dues In 2004 Sprain Parkway Overpass Asphalt TossMarie McSweeney to be driving on the Sprain Parkway as soon as someone hurled a chunk the asphalt native an overpass in the middle of the afternoon.
WCBS 880 unique Series: your Future Commute - No Pain, No GainMaking her commute smoother under the road requires pain now.
Paterson Talks around His Governorship on WCBS 880WCBS 880 Anchor Steve Scott speak with new York Gov. David Paterson Tuesday top top a selection of object -- including any regrets the has and also his future in politics.
Family says 'Communistic California' Forcing lock To leaving State: 'You gain Taxed for Breathing'A Sacramento couple is leave the state because they claim they're fed up v "Communistic California" in more ways 보다 one.
'I Hope human being Laugh As lot As we Did Making that ': Asher Grodman on CBS' GhostsThe star of CBS' new comedy discusses what fans have the right to expect as soon as they watch the premiere that "Ghosts" top top Thursday night.

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Experts Say price At grocery store Stores Will proceed To climb For over A YearAccording to brand-new figures exit by the job department, wholesale inflation jumped 8.3 percent from respectable of this year compared to respectable of 2020.