The goal of the Academy the Chinese society and health Sciences is to administer its students a professional graduate education in traditional Chinese medicine, through the an abilities necessary to attain licensure and become competent main health treatment providers.

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created in 1982, that is the Academy"s id that diligent practice of details disciplines permits students to maintain health, well-being, and inner harmony. ACCHS likewise strives to provide its students with roots because that the advancement of self-awareness and growth, through the exercise of taiji, qigong, and meditation.

It is the school"s hope that training students in these disciplines, while increasing their understanding of person nature, will help them to make a far-reaching contribution towards the development, wellness, and prosperity of humanity.

The Academy that Chinese society and health and wellness Sciences is situated in Oakland, California, just across the only from san Francisco. The Academy campus is near Oakland"s City Center and Elihu Harris Plaza, and also is conveniently accessed by the bay Area fast Transit (BART) public transport system. That is within two blocks the federal, state, and city federal government buildings; a couple of blocks that Oakland"s farming Chinatown community; and also five mile from the college of California at Berkeley. ACCHS was created in 1982. It got candidate condition from the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and also Oriental medicine in April 1992 and became accredited in November 1992. It was reaccredited in 1997, 2001 and 2004.
The Academy that Chinese society and wellness Sciences uses a grasp of science in traditional Chinese Medicine, a four-academic-year professional degree curriculum designed come prepare graduates to it is in effective, competent, and also caring members that the Chinese medication profession. The master"s program deserve to be perfect in 3 calendar years by permanent students. The curriculum is split into 2 portions: the pre-professional courses of the first two calendar years, and also the graduate courses of the last calendar year.

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The pre-professional courses are thought about to be indistinguishable to the last two upper department years that a baccalaureate program. Written and practical an extensive examinations are offered at the beginning of the fifth trimester and also the ninth trimester in order come assess every student"s eligibility because that proceeding come the next level of study and also for graduation.