Moniece Slaughter has actually a farming list of enemies on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood“, consisting of music producer A1 Bentley and also his mam Lyrica Anderson.

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The “LHHH” reunion airs on Monday and the tension between Slaughter, Bentley and Anderson heats up. Slaughter make it recognized to fans that her beef through the couple is simply beginning.

VH1 producer recently recorded up v “LHHH” cast-mates to provide their take on the alleged cheating scandal in between Anderson and new York rapper Safaree Samuels. Anderson allegedly had actually an affair through the “Hunnid” musician while she and Bentley to be experiencing marital relationship woes. The alleged fling between the two artists occurred to be the focal suggest of this season.

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Several cast-mates offered their opinions around the salacious incident, consisting of Slaughter who review Bentley and also Anderson for filth. She talked about Bentley’s “gel mani, pearls, faux locs, lipo” and “cheek enhancements.” She added, “It’s every a cluster of s**t, i don’t know what’s real.”


(photo credit: L; Moniece S. & R; Lyrica A. And A1 Bently/Instagram/ Getty Images)

Slaughter then described Bentley and also his wife as “manufactured people” and also insinuated the they were “fake” individuals with tons of surgically amplified body parts.

“It’s really difficult to phone call when people aren’t walking about with genuine faces and their real bodies,” stated the 31-year-old. “But i am fear to check out what the baby’s going to look like.”

“LHHH” viewers to be absolutely here for Slaughter’s shady review of the pair and considered her the “petty queen.”

“Moniece is a mood. That check out was everything