Director the Photography: George T. ClemensArt Direction: George W. Davis and also Philip BarberSet Decoration: Henry Grace and H. Internet ArrowsmithAssistant Director: Lindsley Parsons, Jr.Casting: Ethel WinantEditor: Leon BarshaSound: Franklin Milton and Charles Scheid
"Next week onthis really spot over there commences a very kooky chain that occurrences. The story hasto execute with a young bank clerk who, for part unexplained and most uncannyreason, finds himself able to read various other people"s minds. And then find thatthe power can gain him right into a peck of trouble and also a bushel the travail. Our showis dubbed "A penny for your Thoughts" and it"ll be below waiting because that you nextweek ~ above the Twilight Zone."

"Mr. Hector B.Poole, resides of the Twilight Zone. Upper and lower reversal a coin and keep flipping it. Whatare the odds? half the time it will come increase heads, fifty percent the time tails. But inone freakish opportunity in a million it"ll land on that edge. Mr. Hector B. Poole, abright human coin, ~ above his means to the bank."
if buying a morning newspaperfrom a street vendor, Hector B. Leaf tosses his coin into the vendor"s pay boxonly to watch the coin land perfectly on its thin edge. A moment later, afteralmost being hit by a auto while cross the street, leaf realizes that he canhear people talking without seeing their mouths move. He conveniently learns that heis analysis people"s thoughts.

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in ~ the bank at which he is employed,Poole attempts to describe to the bank manager, Mr. Bagby, why he, Poole, waslate arriving only to discover Bagby irritated and also excited about something.Overhearing Bagby"s thoughts, sheet learns the his ceo is having actually an extramaritalaffair. That stumbles awkwardly the end of the office with his newfound knowledge.
poole spends the remainder that theday utilizing his brand-new power to uncover an assortment of interesting and alarmingthings around his coworkers and customers that the bank. He learns the hiscoworker miss Turner has actually a like on him and that one more coworker is a turoulend misogynist.More great still is just one of the bank"s customers, a man in for a loan namedSykes. Sheet reads Sykes"s mind and discovers that he is plan to use thebank loan to gambling in an effort to repay losses that occurred when Sykesembezzled from his own company. When Poole inadvertently confronts Sykes aboutit, Sykes walk haywire and also the deal for the loan is lost, to the irritation ofMr. Bagby.
The last straw is once Pooleoverhears Mr. Smithers, the bank"s oldest and also most trusted employee, thinkingabout his technique of robbing the bank. ~ alerting Mr. Bagby to thispossibility, Bagby and also the financial institution guard confront Smithers as the old guy exitsthe bank vault. They find him to no avail. Over there is no money gift stolen.Mr. Bagby has had sufficient of Poole and fires him. As Poole apologizes to Mr.Smithers, the old man, astonished the Poole even had one inkling the hisintentions, explains that his thoughts of robbing the bank are naught morethan a daydream.
as Hector is cleaning out his desk,Bagby learns that Mr. Sykes to be arrested because that gambling with firm funds andthat Hector had actually saved the bank such embarrassment had the loan unable to do through. Bagbyoffers sheet his old job earlier but, with miss out on Turner"s encouragement, Pooledemands a promotion and uses the leverage he has on Bagby, about Bagby"saffair, to acquire it, together with a round expedition ticket come Bermuda for Mr. Smithersat the bank"s expense. Bagby has actually no selection but to agree with Poole"s terms.

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Satisfied, leaf walks miss out on Turnerhome and stops come buy an afternoon paper. Together he throws his coin in the vendor"sbox that knocks under his earlier coin i m sorry the merchant had controlled to keepstanding ~ above edge every day. His mind analysis powers disappear yet Poole walks oncontentedly with miss Turner.
"One time in amillion, a coin will certainly land ~ above its edge. But all it takes to knock it over is avagrant breeze, a vibration, or a slim blow. Hector B. Poole, a human being coin onedge for a quick time, in the Twilight Zone."

By late 1960, writer George ClaytonJohnson had actually sold two stories come The Twilight Zone, "All of united state AreDying" (filmed as "The 4 of Us space Dying") and also "Execution." pole Serling wrote the adaptations and also both story aired throughout the an initial season. By the time manufacturing was roll on the 2nd season,George Clayton Johnson harbored aspirations for producing his own teleplays. Johnson was great friendswith Charles Beaumont and Richard Matheson, the show"s 2 leading writersbesides Serling, and was heavily motivated by Beaumont in particularto start creating hisown teleplays if he wanted to start building a significant body of work.Johnson would use his story "A coin for your Thoughts" together anopportunity to rest in. The story actually starts with another story. Johnson offered a quick story titled "Sea Change" to producer Buck Houghton. "Sea Change" concerned a sailor who loses his hand in a boating accident only to have his hand miraculously grow back. Even more miraculous is the the hand that lost has grown a new body, a deadly doppelganger intent on destroyinghim. As soon as passed in prior of this firm sponsors, a food company, they reputed the story too grisly, fearing your target audience losing their appetite. Johnson"s story would not see publish until the October, 1981 issue of rod Serling"s The Twilight ar Magazine. Buck houghton approached Johnson toask thewriter to buy ago his story. Johnson i agreeed tobuy the story back but just under the conditionthat that be allowed tosubmita brand-new story i m sorry he could adapt into a teleplay because that the show.Johnson"s story, "A penny for your Thoughts," was check out by Houghton and also approved because that production.
once Johnson breached theidea of writing the very first draft teleplay himself, Houghton to be initiallyagainst the idea due mostly to reality that their previous setup operated an extremely smoothly and also successfully. Houghton to be apprehensive come deviatefrom this proven method. Not to cite the reality that Johnson was, in a way, hold Houghton hostagebecause if Johnson to be not permitted to create the an initial draft teleplay he would certainly notallow the show to usage his story. House would have to scrap the entireepisode and search for new material. House turn left Johnson waitingfor solution for two weeks before the show"s lawyer dubbed Johnson under to a Los Angeles office and also gave him a check. It was payment for a teleplay, in anamount much an ext than Johnson had received because that his stories, and also it came withthe problem that a teleplay would certainly be in producer Houghton"s hands in twoweeks.
Johnson to be elated and had to conveniently learnthe regimen of consistent writing work. V assistancefrom story editor and associate producer Del Reisman, that came on plank duringthe show’s second season, Johnson got the teleplay written and the present wasproduced. Though Johnson would never be as prolific as Beaumont orMatheson (he would produce only three additional teleplays ("Kick theCan," "Nothing in the Dark," "A game of Pool") andprovide two additional stories ("The element Mover" and "Ninety YearsWithout Slumbering")), the high top quality of his contribute puthim in the front ranks of the show’s writers. Johnson"s innovative ideas were a refreshing addition to a present which had discovered itsunique, if off-beat, identity among a very tiny core of principle creators.
pole Serling and Buck houghton neverregretted the idea of enabling Johnson into that main point group. Johnson visitedthe collection during the filming that "A Penny because that YourThoughts" and was greeted warmly through the production team and by Serling inparticular. Johnson relates the story of exactly how he and also his wife, Lola, were standingoff to the side and watching that all take place on the collection when pole Serling came bywith a team of studio people he was touring roughly the production. As soon as thisgroup come in prior of Johnson and his wife, Serling proudly educated thepeople the Johnson to be the writer who idea and teleplay to be making that allhappen. Gift treated as vital element in the production did wonders forJohnson"s confidence walking forward.
since principle manufacturing on theshow was accomplished at MGM and also the writers for the display all lived aroundthe Los Angeles area, it allowed the present to come to be somewhat inclusive and lenda emotion of cohesion come the show. In spite of theshow"s vast range, in both subject and also style, there is no mistaking one episodeof The Twilight Zone for something else. This was achieved principally becausewriters to be treated not only with respect however as the core creative foundationupon which all else rested. Writers visited the sets, questioned the story withactors and directors and also photographers and also make-up artists, and also were generallya component of manufacturing in a manner i m sorry was unexplained in television. It made theshow very solid on story and also is the main reason certain episodes room fondlyremembered fifty plus year later.
As initially written, Hector B.Poole"s mind reading power to be to have originated from gift hit by a car.Though the episode still featured Poole being hit through a vehicle shortly ~ hiscoin landing on its edge, the production team felt that staging a reality caraccident would certainly be too challenging and made decision on the coin impact instead once aspecial effects technician prove to Serling how the effect could beachieved with a coin on a string. This seemed to it is in the far better choice because thecar accident that is featured in the illustration is not really convincing andrequired an noticeable quick cut and edit to achieve the effect.
if visiting the set, GeorgeClayton Johnson spoke with actor Dan Tobin, who played the function of Mr. Bagby.Tobin felt the the idea for the illustration was an extremely clever and suggested toJohnson the it would make a good ongoing series in which various peopleencountered the coin and were possessed of its uncanny power for a short timeeach. Johnson take it Tobin seriously enough to create up a collection treatment whichfeatured as one potential character a poker player that supplied his psychic readingability to ruin the competition until he is paired v a high crest playerthat simply happens to beJapanese and whose thoughts aren"t in English. The seriesnever panned out as it would be difficult to sustain a collection on together a simplepremise for any type of length of time, despite it would have actually been interesting to check out Johnson"s idea because that a sequel dramatized.
since the episode required lightcomedy, the spreading was very important. Prick York(Sept. 4, 1928-Feb. 20, 1992) was so perfectly actors in the role of Hector B.Poole the it is an overwhelming to imagine one more actor in the duty at this point.In this pre-Bewitched role, York is honing his light comedy an abilities anddoing it well. The display had previously used in that in a much much more serious duty inthe downbeat war episode "The purple Testament," where York played a rough infantryleader. This prior function didn"t seem suited because that someone with York"s skill set. Theshow got it appropriate the 2nd time around. Though ideal known together the an initial DarrinStephens the contrary Elizabeth Montgomery"s Samantha top top Bewitched (1964-69),York had actually been featured ~ above film and television due to the fact that the late 1940"s and also worked upuntil the mid 1980"s once he was permanently laid up through a degenerative spineinjury i beg your pardon he an initial sustained if filming They concerned Cordura in1959. A longtime smoker, York emerged emphysema and died indigenous the condition in1992 in grand Rapids, Michigan. His extr genre credits incorporate an episodeof Boris Karloff"s Thriller, a whopping six episodes of Alfred HitchcockPresents, and also an illustration of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.
actor Dan Tobin (Mr. Bagby) had along career, an initial films and afterwards television together a comic relief kind whoalways played the approximately the same character he portrays in this episode of TwilightZone. Tobin crossed routes again v York on Bewitched. He died inSanta Monica in 1982.
English gibbs Cyril Delevanti wasthe son of one Anglo-Italian music professor and in his long acting career,stretching from the early 1930"s come the early 1970"s, he controlled to amass end 150credits. The was likewise a highly regarded drama coach. Delevanti constantly appearedolder 보다 his years and frequently played characters older than his actualage. He was a professional in cockney- accented English characters. Hissubstantial genre roles, regularly uncredited, include: Night Monster, kid ofDracula, Phantom that the Opera (1943), Frankenstein Meets the wolf Man,The Lodger (1944), The Invisible Man"s Revenge, Phantom Lady, Ministryof Fear, The house of Fear, 4 illustration of science Fiction Theatre, andepisode the The Adventures of Superman, I ask the Living, 3 illustration of AlfredHitchcock Presents, an illustration of Alcoa Presents: One action Beyond, an episode of voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and also an episode of RodSerling"s Night Gallery. He died in Hollywood top top Dec. 1, 1975.
A final thought about this episode:it appears strange the the human being which is presented to the viewerin "A penny for your Thoughts" seems an extremely innocent and meek. Inother words, it"s no a civilization the viewer feels prefer something really bad wouldhappen in and yet over there is definitely an unacknowledged darkness underlyingeverything in the episode. Right here you have actually a character reading people"s think to find infidelity, embezzlement, misogyny, and daydreams that grandlarceny. It is a interesting comparison to pat the light comedy end the dark impulses running through the mental of the principle characters. Despite this broad sort of writing was done to highlight the key idea behindthe episode, thatpeople often say points theydon"t believeand thinkthings they have no on purpose of doing, that still strikesthe viewer asodd,especially exactly how coolly Poole reacts to his boss"s infidelity and also how conveniently heslips into the role of blackmailer. Just one more example of how the present was alwaysworking on much more than one level. In all, it"s a an excellent start come George ClaytonJohnson"s contributions as a writer of initial teleplays and a fondlyremembered episode through fine performances.