How go the Hylian Shield finish up in Lorule?This is miscellaneous I"ve been thinking about since I obtained it (I have already beaten the game).I to be going come say that the Hylian shield finished up in Lorule from MM (if one were to assume that Lorule is Termina), yet the shield link used in MM was the Hero"s shield and the design was a little bit different. For this reason maybe, in an a video game that has actually yet to be made connect will walk to Lorule (possibly Temina?) and also that could be just how the Hylian Shield end up in Lorule.Edit: If possible could a mod/admin please modify the title? I just realized it"s a an extremely minor spoiler.

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First, ns don"t see any reason to believe that Lorule and also Termina are connected (I recognize there space some Majora"s Mask references in the game, yet I don"t think castle explicitly allude to those two human beings being related). So, unless we have the right to actually make a strong connection, trying to answer your concern from that perspective is just grasping in ~ straws.This is going come sound like a cop-out, yet I don"t think over there is an answer. I"m sure we might invent part wildly imaginative scenarios that would put that item in the world, but at this point, ns don"t see a logical factor for the shield to it is in there. If us absolutely had to have actually a reason, the most basic explanation would be that it was inserted there by the gods for the hero to come across in time (as countless items space throughout plenty of games).My honest, non-lore explanation would certainly be this: The developers wanted to give connect an to update shield, and the Hylian Shield has such a classic and also recognizable architecture that they determined to use it nevertheless of the reality that that did no fit with the lore of the world. Frankly, ns would have liked to check out a Lorulian Shield.I will certainly say that the Hyrulian Shield isn"t as rare of a production as the grasp Sword; you can buy lock over and over again in OoT. We also know that some creatures/characters are able come travel in between worlds (by various way throughout various games). So that isn"t absolutely implausible that part Hylian Shield can make its means across worlds into Lorule; however again, i don"t think there is sufficient information to shot to posit any type of credible explanation at this point.

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The most likely reason regarding why and also or how its over there is since Nintendo wanted it to it is in earned so they put it in a dungeon and that dungeon is in Lorule, I median there yes, really isn"t any explanation other than Nintendo placed it there, its just there simple as that, there"s no mystery story of the shield being brought there by link or anything favor that, and there may never be any kind of other explanation that is not just fan fiction.As because that Lorule probably being Termina, geographically impossible, I believe it"s likewise chronologically impossible and also historically impossible, that claimed while its exceptionally unlikely that Lorule is or ever was Termina the is still possible though unlikely that Termina is a various neighboring land linked to Lorule.