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Publication day 1994 Topics social Literacy and also Humanities, analysis Level-Grade 4, analysis Level-Grade 5, reading Level-Grade 6, reading Level-Grade 7, reading Level-Grade 8, reading Level-Grade 9, reading Level-Grade 10, reading Level-Grade 11 Publisher Boston : back Bay publications : Little, Brown & Co. repertoire inlibrary; printdisabled; internetdigitalrecordersreview.orgbooks; delawarecountydistrictlibrary; china; americana Digitizing sponsor net digitalrecordersreview.org Contributor internet digitalrecordersreview.org Language English
"A ago Bay book."--P. <4> the cover"Back bay booksIncludes bibliographical references and indexA various mirror -- Boundlessness -- prior to Columbus: Vinland -- The "Tempest" in the Wilderness: The racialization that savagery -- Shakespeare"s dream about America -- A world turned upside down -- The "Giddy Multitude": The concealed origins of enslavement -- A see from the cabins: White and black laborers in at an early stage Virginia -- "English and also negroes in armes" -- The wolf by the ears -- borders -- Prospero unbound: The market change -- Andrew Jackson: price for period -- The land-allotment strategy: The Choctaw endure -- The teaty strategy: The Cherokees" trail of tears -- wherein the buffalo no much longer roam -- No much more peck o" corn: slavery and also its discontents -- Racial boundaries in the complimentary states -- to be Sambo real? -- servant son, white dad -- black nationalism: nostalgia in the Niger -- "Tell Linkum dat we wants land" -- Emigrants from Erin: ethnicity and also class in ~ white America -- The irish exodus -- one "immortal ireland Brigade" of employees -- The ireland maid in America -- The irish "ethnic" strategy -- however, in their native land: manifest destiny in the Southwest -- "In the hand of resourceful people" -- "Occupied" Mexico -- The make of a mexican proletariat -- searching for Gold Mountain: strangers indigenous a Pacific shore -- Pioneers indigenous Asia -- Chinese Calibans: The boundaries of exclusion -- double a minority: Chinese females in America -- A colony of "Bachelors."Distances -- The end of the frontier -- The "Indian Question": from preventive to reorganization -- hurt knee: The meaning of the frontier in Indian history -- The dad of the reservation system -- Allotment and assimilation -- The Indian new deal: the remaking of indigenous America -- Pacific crossings: seeking the soil of money trees -- picture brides in America -- Tears in the Canefields -- Transforming the land: from deserts to ranches -- between "two countless days": The constant journey to the promised floor -- Exodus from the pale -- A shtetl in America -- In the sweatshops: an military of garment employees -- Daughters of the swarm -- increase from Greenborns: cross Delancey Street -- El Norte: The borderland that Chicano America -- The cross -- A reserve military of Chicano labor -- The internal boundaries of exclusion -- The Barrio: ar in the swarm -- come the promised land: blacks in the metropolitan north -- The black exodus -- The city crucible -- Yearning for blackness in metropolitan America -- "But a couple of pegs to fall": The an excellent Depression -- Crossings -- The ashes in ~ Dachau -- through a glass darkly: toward the Twenty-first Century -- A war for democracy: fighting as one civilization -- America"s dilemmaChronicles the background of America, from emigration to the 1992 Los Angeles riots, from a multicultural allude of view