Address:8210 S durable Dr, Tempe, AZ 85284, USA
Phone:+1 800-463-3339
Working:8AM–7:30PM 8AM–7:30PM 8AM–7:30PM 8AM–7:30PM 8AM–7:30PM 8AM–5PM close up door


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Chris Redfield

Horrible place. The afri American lady there should hate her job reason it shows. I went in over there to choose up a package that Dell told me come go get (because FedEx said they couldnt provide to mine employers address that they supply to everyday). Anyway, So ns go there & the lady tells me the Dell has strict requirements & that they dont just tell civilization to go gain packages like that. Ns told her i was simply doing what ns was said by Dell, the sender. She climate laughed in ~ me. Who does that? --laughs in ~ a customer since they were told to carry out something that they not agree with. She then mumbled something together I walked out the door. If I might give this destructive place a Zero star rating, ns would. Yelp is going to hear about it, too. She offers FedEx a poor name.Very unprofessional.

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thundathunda tundra

They dont provide you a home window of time the they will deliver your items. The order didnt have the alternative to pick a distribution time for this reason I had to stay home from work and night institution to wait for a package. The was really taxing. I recognize that they cant tell you exactly when her package is to it is in delivered but to wait roughly all day just so you dont miss out on it is foolish. I provided 2 day shipping due to the fact that I was hit with a unexpected deadline and now every I know is the it will be delivered prior to 8pm. Only good thing about the location was the human on the phone offered me straight answers. Nothing i didnt already know, but they were direct and she was nice about it.


Eric Hicks

Worst organization ever and will not use FedEx again...I had actually a very time sensitive package and also requested it be hosted at this location so I could pick the up...I to be told it i will not ~ be a problem so as soon as I acquired there very first thing in the morning, of course is was no there and also it was the end for delivery, only trouble is fedex delivers to my residence late and being that i work, ns wont be over there to authorize for it which is required. Pathetic and very incompetent human being working for this firm and when they say they will execute something, the doesnt obtain done. An overnight package sent Friday night, currently I wont actually gain until Tuesday evening. Usage UPS OR USPS!!!!


Dylan Thomas

Every time Ive encountered FedEx there has actually been an issue. They tell you the package will be arriving between 7am and also 8pm, as if I have all damn day to wait around. Climate of course as soon as you action out, you miss out on the package. Then, you have a 1 hour home window to choose up the package in ~ the delivery center, between 6:30pm and also 7:30pm. Just gained off the phone through someone, and I might hardly know what he to be saying many of the time. THIS happens EVERY TIME! stop if possible. I have actually never had issues with UPS, or USPS, not once.


Kim Higginbotham

Awful agency that no pay its vehicle drivers at all. The new drivers because that this msca station obtain 15.00 dollars one hour and have to occupational their ass off while the larger guys obtain 25.00 an hour. The administration staff is a laughable joke, u have the right to be a manger however u cant execute the job your managing? Awful firm that no care about its client or the backbone the its company, that is DRIVERS! your reward for mandatory functioning 60 hrs because that Christmas is a 150 dollar bonus in January remain away u get what u pay for!


Stephen Boorse

Delivery driver never ever showed up in ~ my house, however said ns was not home, although i was, did not leave tag. I could not gain a response from this location around my delivery. Customer company could not aid except come ask if the facility could speak to me, i beg your pardon they did not. No genuine phone number for this location had to call half a dozen times to also get any answer. Told me the they might not send the driver the end again, but they never came the first time.


Anastasia O

The people here room the many rude, and disrespectful human being I have ever had to job-related with. That is no wonder UPS is better. The human being here perform not care and definitely carry out not execute all they can to answer her questions. That tells who "I told you ns dont understand what come tell you." and then tosses your ID ago at you. If I can give them 0 stars ns would. Very disappointed and disgusted.


Jacob White

Awful horrible awful horrible customer business at this location old male doesnt greet girlfriend hand him my ID that throws it earlier and claims "ONLY TRACKING NUMBER OR DOOR tags EXCEPTED" YOUR motorists DONT leaving DOOR sign OLD man THEY DONT also KNOCK top top THE DOOR WHY also HAVE delivery MEN IF THEY not DELIVER..... Devastating EXPERIENCE for this reason SAD.... DONT like YOUR job OLD MAN obtain A new ONE......



I have to agree with the remainder of these reviews. The old man and also the "african american" that work-related the respond to are rude as hell. My employee have also commented on the poor service in ~ this location. I spend $35,000 annually with Fedex and if i have one more bad suffer with this guys, Im taking my business to their competition.


conor manley

Waiting every day because that the doorbell. Working in the kitchen so im in earshot once it rings due to the fact that I dont want to miss out on it. 2PM rolls around, and also I go the end front to view a keep in mind that I need to pick it up at 6PM. What the hell? Didnt want to invest the extra ONE MINUTE to ring and also hand it come me.


Anonymous User

to take a package when ur under to the last minute and also you require it there tomorrow!Great take it a package when ur under to the critical minute and also you require it over there tomorrow! great take it a package when ur down to the last minute and you need it there tomorrow!


Sravan Kumar

Worst ever service. Payment 5$ towards the exceptional delivery and the man from FedEx phone call me saying that they dont deliver. Ultimately I had to pickup the package even after payment them. The man at the desk should find out some customer company skills.


Nikki Johnson

I have had nothing but exemplary service--going above and beyond, friendly organization from every employees in ~ this location. Ns am a regular FedEx user, and also these folks are a pleasure to job-related with.


Scott Cobb

This place sucks, no parking, driver no return v your parcel at the moment the receipt shows and also they have actually no idea once they will certainly return. ITS just AN estimated TIME!!!! substantial BUMMER!!!


Ronald Walker

The heat was lengthy bet the service was great. My problem is that the the parking many is very small and causes you to park throughout the street simply to go in, pick up, and walk out.

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Trevor Grant

Horrible client Service, lock dont help in helping take it packages to your car. If complaining around there job. Highly recommend use UPS or one more location.


Ace Bandito

I no able to pick up mine package till 6. I m sorry was once the truck gained back. Understandable. Organization was fast however the parking lot of is restricted on space.


Kingsley Costain

Under staffed or party in the back? Every time i go there there is 1 to 2 world working in the front and like 10 in the ago laughing come relaxing


summer junkie

they delivered our package to the wrong address and did not also bother to contact us come let united state know....very poor and also unprofessional customer service


Anonymous User

It would certainly be good if they had a actual phone number, that is stupid as soon as you shot to call them and there is a 800 number for every one of the country.