It’s not just what God does, it’s that God is. Aid is inherited v His identity. He cannot aid but help. God doesn’t need to do noþeles to help us, that just has to be there. His mere presence is all it takes. Where He is, assist is there.

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We are made in God’s image and in His likeness, but this walk not mean we are whatever he is – there room some attributes that make God, God and us & us.
However, we have inherited some elements of His identity and also we, as humans are instinctively ‘helpers’.
Matthew 10:11-15 - everything town or town you enter, find there for part worthy person and also stay in ~ their home until you leave. Together you enter the home, provide it her greeting. If the residence is deserving, let your tranquility rest on it; if it is not, permit your tranquility return to you. If anyone will certainly not welcome girlfriend or hear to your words, leave that residence or town and also shake the dust off your feet. Truly ns tell you, it will certainly be more bearable because that Sodom and Gomorrah top top the day of judgment than for the town.
Our ability to assist people is no just established by our willingness, the is equally affected by people’s openness. In stimulate for world to it is in helped, we have to be much more than able – they must be open up to it.
Jesus place it prefer this - Revelation 3:20 - “Look! ns stand in ~ the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will certainly come in, and we will certainly share a meal together as friends.”
Jesus says He is knocking top top the door of a person’s heart, however their openness is what determines even if it is or no we have actually intimacy. It identify my effectiveness because it’s no the anointing that determines even if it is or no someone is helped, it’s your openness.
You can offer everybody everything but no matter how difficult you try, friend can’t give them openness.
When you room rejected by those you’re trying to help, that can develop a various kind that infection.
You need to sit ~ above the sidelines and also watch people you love suffer, life beneath their potential when they don’t have to. It deserve to be a different kind of discouragement, yet we have to learn just how to handle that denial properly, otherwise we will certainly take that personally.
When you throw yourself into helping someone that refuses and rejects it, that can cause you to end up being protective in your heart, making you indifferent and take on philosophies such as ‘I will never do for anybody else what i did for them’.
Bitterness can come to be a obstacle to God using us to assist others in the future due to the fact that of what someone rather did in the past.
If you uncover yourself in this situation, look in ~ what Jesus said his disciples prior to sending them out into the field. He gives them a reality perspective. Jesus knew there room some people who still will not listen.
Matthew 10:16-17 - “I am sending you out prefer sheep amongst wolves. Therefore, be together shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. It is in on her guard; you will be handed end to the neighborhood councils and be flogged in the synagogues”.

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Don’t it is in surprised, so that you don’t take the rejection personally. Jesus doesn’t want us to it is in bitter with ourselves or v God.