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Triad technology Center

The Triad tech Center, located at 3200 Temple institution Road, Winston-Salem, north Carolina is a advanced modernmanufacturing and also distribution facility located within a pristine that company environment and also business familiar community.

Nearest Interstate: 2 miles to I-40, 7 mile to Highway 52Nearest Airport: 12.5 mile to blacksmith Reynolds regional Airport, 17 mile to Piedmint Triad international Airport


repertoire Street overcome Street traffic Volume Year street
Temple institution Rd Union overcome Rd 585 2018 0.58 mi
United claims Highway 311 Union cross Rd 15,179 2015 0.71 mi
US Hwy 311 Union cross Rd 15,997 2018 0.71 mi
Swaim Rd High point Rd 60 2018 0.72 mi
High suggest Rd Temple institution Rd 33,506 2020 0.75 mi
Lake valley Dr Glenn hi Rd 161 2018 0.80 mi
Union cross Rd Pinewood Ter 11,274 2018 0.93 mi
Union overcome Rd Sr1003 8,653 2018 0.97 mi
Union cross Rd Hayes Dr 11,296 2018 0.97 mi
Swaim Rd Union overcome Rd 981 2018 0.99 mi


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