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Is it possible to put a 24 inch wheel on a dodge charger, i thought a couple of the pics I seen from sema had 24s on them?


I checked out all of the cars at SEMA with 24"s. The looked great parked, but drivabiliy, who knows. I did take a good look and it looks like it works, but once again, is it realistic? needasrt4 said the rear works and the front needs to be modified. If you have a daily drive skip it, if it"s a show car and trailered go for it.
In the words of Nancy Kerrigan:Why, why, why??????????????????Why would you put something on your car that kills performance and possibly causes suspension issues?
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Yea, I don"t think that pic of 50 cent car had 24"s. Even if he did, it would only be for show cause as some else mentioned here, you would only be looking for trouble. I have 22"s and it fits perfectly. 24"s would be "really" pushing it. IMO
i"ve seen 27s on a 300 so it is possible. 22s are nothin anymore a few years from now cars will probably have 26s and trucks on 40s lol.
Yes you could probably fit 24"s under our Chargers, BUT your tires will be so low profile that you"ll need to tip-toe over all bumps in the road. Ask my neighbor, he has a 2005 Avalanche with 22" rims and he cracked the front right after hitting a pot hole. I don"t think you want to fork out 800+ bucks everytime you don"t see a bump. And finally IMHO is looks stupid!
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IMO 24"s are for show only. That being said, if you are using cast rims they are no where near the quality of forged rims. I have forged on my 300c and my sister has cast on her 300c. There is a huge difference in ride and handling of the cars. You will also have more issues with a cast rim as they are not as durable as a forged rim.
Those 27"s on the 300 was a 22 inch wheel with a 27 inch face and they are kinda ug
. That wheel takes a special tire, but its a 22 inch tire. Lexani makes that wheel and a few other companies.

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well i have 22"s on mine...and in my opinion (nothing official), i highly doubt 24s would fit, and if they somehow did, it would be dangerous. you get VERY VERY close to the looming bolt above the tire. there is about a 1cm clearance, not to mention you get a little rub on the inner fender during sharp maneuvers (such as parallel parking). this is with 22" i cant imagine what would happen with 24s.the only reason 27s and ridiculous sizes like that fit on the 300 was because they had some special combination: the tires for a 22 were used (which are 29" in diameter), but the rim diameter which fit within the center hole of the tire were extended to 26 or 27. so u could fit a 27" rim within a 29" tire (normally for 22"s)this is what i heard. but if u find some easy, clean, safe way to slam 24s on ur love to see it.