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I have actually a 2009 SS with about 55K mile on it. Started having actually a strange click noise indigenous the ideal dash area (behind glove box) every time i shut turn off the ignition. Sounds favor a relay of part sort, yet it is rather loud.Has anyone run into this problem? Not setup any codes.
2009 Impala SS
MagnaFlow Cat-back ExhaustKYB Excel-G StrutsDon Rome Strut Tower Bars & BracketsAddco 639 rear anti-sway barDorman 927-100 prior anti-sway barJust can\"t to see how all this is going to work-related once I get it installed.

Welcome, shadow Dancer! have you to be able to find the previous threads on the topic? once you get the chance, please let us recognize if you\"re still having actually concerns! Feel complimentary to straight message me if you\"d like further assistance at any type of point.Best,KatieChevrolet customer Service

He has actually not been back since posting, but here is the link for everyone else who cares. Http://
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My 2011 Impala clicks even when the key is. The in the ignition. It clicks because that one minute and it is done. The clicks once you rotate the ignition and it is excellent after one minute. Go this need to do v the AC or is this various from the various other threads I have actually read ~ above this forum? how much would certainly this expense at a dealership? from the YouTube videos I\"ve watched mine hand room not nimble sufficient to acquire at the bolts to take turn off the actuator. If the is what my clicking problem is.

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IIRC, no, they\"re not. I *think* the 3 actuators top top the passenger side are the same, and also the one top top the motorists side is different. In my case, the one ~ above the vehicle drivers side gave up the ghost. Not really a project that\"s easy to photo while doing it. But to the various other end, girlfriend won\"t be able to see, also if friend did have actually pics.I permit mine walk for as lengthy as i could, however it simply kept getting worse. Initially, I might find a setting for the HVAC that would certainly silence it, but eventually the following tooth damaged off the plastic gear and also then that was just an all-out knock-fest.I didn\"t think it to be a particularly complicated repair, simply kind the a pains to get to and also fumble through.
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