Ever wonder what happens between you click “buy” ~ above Amazon and also the item getting here at her door? okay we did wonder about that, and that’s why us signed up because that a tour of Amazon’s new fulfillment facility in Opa-locka, and after seeing this, you’ll want to, too.

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Welcome within Amazon’s huge fulfillment center in Opa-locka — and when us say massive, we median massive.

Andre Woodson, Amazon: “It’s about 850,000 square feet. It’s equivalent to around 14 football fields, and we have actually over 1,500 permanent employees, therefore it’s pretty superior to see this building.”

Impressive come say the least!

Amazon supplies tours to show off the magic that happens after friend click “buy” on your website.

Chris valve Vliet: “I’m seeing part robots in here.”

Andre Woodson: “Yeah, we have actually some remarkable robots that room in this building. They work-related tandem with our associates. They make work safer, less complicated and much more efficient.”

Chris van Vliet: “There girlfriend go. You identify that box as it heads under the conveyor belt here? Now, this is more than likely one that the most important things in here, this red line. If you traction that, whatever stops, therefore I’m continuing to be as much away indigenous it together possible.”

Since Chris currently had an Amazon shirt on, they placed him to work and also had that fulfilling orders.

Chris van Vliet: “I can’t believe they’re walking to trust me to pick an order and also ship it off to who here.”

*Chris sorts through the orders*

Chris valve Vliet: “Nope.

*Chris continues to kind through the orders*

Chris van Vliet: “I think it can be — nope, no that one.”

*Chris proceeds to type through the orders*

Chris van Vliet: “One … it is the one, and also right here. There we go. If they enabled me come work right here all week, production would be very, really slow.”

Chris’ fist to detail is incredible. His speed … not so much, so he was moved from the picking department to the shipping department.

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Chris van Vliet: “Alright, every little thing this man is. Trying to go as rapid as i can. Oh, mine God. The wasn’t good. Well, there you go, Matthew. Gain your item.”

Tours are available Monday through Friday for groups up come 10 people, however fulfillment is seven days a week to make sure your order gets to girlfriend as conveniently as feasible — even if it’s chris who’s shipping it to you.

Chris valve Vliet: “There you go. It is going to fort Myers. Boom!”

FOR an ext INFO:

Amazon Mega Warehouse14000 NW 37th Ave.Opa-locka, FL 33054206-922-0880https://www.aboutamazon.com/amazon-fulfillment-center-tours/