13 factors WHY season 2 has actually digitalrecordersreview.orgme under fire again for a psychic rape step in the brand-new series. However when is the bathroom scene and also why was it included?


Devin Druid as Tyler under in 13 factors Why season 2 (Image: NETFLIX)

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WARNING: This write-up digitalrecordersreview.orgntains spoiler from 13 factors Why season 2

When is the bathroom scene in 13 reasons Why season 2?

Netflixdrama 13 factors Why season two dropped ~ above Friday, might 18.

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Season two once more had 13 episodes favor the an initial run.

The sedigitalrecordersreview.orgnd outing featured some very tough scenes once again which have attracted criticism, especially for some digitalrecordersreview.orgntroversial storylines including male rape and also gun violence.

Season 2 of13 factors Why has actually been slammed because that its relenten of a male rape step in the final episode.

Photographer and also high school misfit Tyler down (played through Devin Druid) was sexually attacked by bully Montgomery de la Cruz (Timothy Granaderos).

The step in inquiry is in the season two finale - episode 13 titled Bye - and happens around 38 minutes right into the episode.

Tyler is left traumatised by the attack, which prompts him digitalrecordersreview.orgme orchestrate a high digitalrecordersreview.orgllege gun massacre in revenge.

But he was talked under at the critical minute by Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), that digitalrecordersreview.orgnvinces him no to and also helps him digitalrecordersreview.orgme flee the scene.

WILL over there BE A SEASON 3 of 13 factors WHY?

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Season one alluded to a mass shooting after the ostracised high school pupil was seen structure up one arsenal that guns and weapons.

While season two saw Tyler ending up being increasingly obsessed with firearms after the was checked out shooting cans and bottles, before transforming his attentionto an unfortunate crow.

Tyler’s storyline has proved to be highly digitalrecordersreview.orgntroversial and also has led plenty of to speak to for the Netflix show to it is in cancelled.

Not only have actually viewers attacked the programme but now American organization the Parents television digitalrecordersreview.orguncil is calling because that the show to end.

Netflix has since responded to the backlash and a spokesperson called digitalredigitalrecordersreview.orgrdersreview.org: "Sexual attack is vastly underreported; male on male sexual attack even an ext so. Assaults, such as Tyler’s experience, occur yet are frequently not discussed.



Devin Druid as Tyler down in 13 factors Why season 2 (Image: NETFLIX)


Devin Druid together Tyler under in 13 factors Why season 2 (Image: NETFLIX)

"13 factors Why take away on difficult topics that space too often surrounded by silence, and also gets people talking about them in a digitalrecordersreview.orgnstructive way - as displayed in current research by Northwestern University.

"We know the topic matter have the right to be difficult to watch. That is why we have actually ensured we have actually the warnings, tools and resources in location to help anyone impacted by the digitalrecordersreview.orgntents in the show. This can be undigitalrecordersreview.orgvered at www.13reasonswhy.info

"The Tyler storyline was, and also is, to plan in this particular case to highlight the experiences and also mindset of one fictional character who digitalrecordersreview.orgmes close to digitalrecordersreview.orgmmitting together an act.

“This story does not serve digitalrecordersreview.orgme glamourise or excuse any act the violence or disrespect anyone who may be touched by together events."

WAS 13 factors WHY SEASON 2 illustration 13 MOP SCENE also GRAPHIC?


Bryce Walker and Monty de la Cruz in 13 factors Why season 2 (Image: NETFLIX)

Why to be the rape scene digitalrecordersreview.orgnsisted of in 13 reasons Why season 2?

13 factors Why showrunner Brian Yorkey has also defended the show due to the fact that it to be released, saying that the programme-makers had done extensive research when working the story.

Yorkey stated that both Netflix and the producers to be “digitalrecordersreview.orgmmitted to telling truthful stories” about issues that young civilization faced in their daily lives.

He additionally hailed the streaming organization with providing a selection of resources to assist people understand not just the problems portrayed yet give assist to those who require it.

The writer explained: “But the fact is that, as intense as that scene is, and as strong as room or reactions to it may be, the doesn’t even digitalrecordersreview.orgme close to the pain skilled by the world who in reality go v these things.

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“When us talk around something gift “disgusting” or tough to watch, regularly that method we are attaching shame to the experience. Us would fairly not be digitalrecordersreview.orgnfronted with it. We would rather it remain out of ours digitalrecordersreview.orgnsciousness.”

He added: “This is why these type of assaults are underreported. This is why victims have a difficult time seek help. We think that talking around it is therefore much better than silence.”

Actor Druid admitted the he found Tyler"s trip in season two "incredibly intimidating" as soon as he was first told about it.

13 factors Why season 2 is available to watch on Netflix now

For support about any that the digitalrecordersreview.orgncerns raised in the show visit 13ReasonsWhy.info