We want to help. Speak to us at 1-800-678-7986 for a confidential review of her options. We"ll talk with you about your situation, evaluation your income, and discuss feasible options so you have the right to either continue to be in your home or leave her home and also avoid foreclosure. In most cases, you"ll be paired through a specialist who will work with you with the process.

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Video — exactly how the Loan Modification procedure Works


Call 1-800-678-7986 to speak to us. We"ll:

Discuss in information the reasons for her hardship or defaultAsk friend the quantity of your yearly gross incomeDiscuss your options

If you’ve already started the loan alteration process, girlfriend may have the ability to submit products online. Questions? her Wells Fargo residence preservation specialist have the right to help.

You should obtain started right away, filling the end the forms in the package her Wells Fargo home preservation specialist sends to girlfriend — we can’t begin processing her request until we have actually all the forced documentation, signed by you and also your co-signer. And, store an eye on deadlines — missing them can an outcome in delays, resubmitting documents, or even foreclosure. Learn an ext about the files we need you come complete.

Before sending in her documents, you re welcome remember to:

Complete all spaces. Compose “n/a” if something doesn’t apply to you.Write your loan number on every page. If pages separate, this help organize them.Return every web page we send to you. Nothing leave out anything, even empty forms.Check signatures. Make certain each borrower has actually signed and dated all forms where indicated.Keep your original documents. Us only require copies.Submit whatever at once. Sending papers individually can slow under the process.

We’ll evaluation your request as easily as possible, but it may take up to 30 days to procedure your application. If you have questions or want updates throughout the evaluation period, check your standing online or call your Wells Fargo house preservation specialist.

As quickly as the review is done, your Wells Fargo house preservation specialist will certainly let you understand your options.

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If her Loan modification Isn"t Approved

Learn about your choices if her loan applications isn"t approved.